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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

New Year and People First

Posted at 12:10 am.

A nice break: Lovely Christmas, awesome New Year, a lot of alcohol, a lot of hangovers, and 2 new briefs.

I hadn't realised how long it's been since I last updated my blog... I've been slacking - and it was one of my New Year resolutions to blog more!

Its been a busy week and a half since we got back to Cyfle - and this is likely to be the quietest part of the rest of the course. Oh well...

A few days after restarting work, we got the first of our 2 briefs. This one was the 2-man brief, which I'm working on with James. We all got to decide which brief we'd like, and we got a brief to develop a website for Vale People First.

Vale People First is the Vale of Glamorgan group of a global voluntary organisation of people who have learning disabilities. They meet to discuss issues they have in their day to day lives, do a lot of fundraising, and promote self-advocacy in the community. We met Liz Davidson, the VPF co-ordinator and the committee last Wednesday to discuss ideas.

They want a website with a diary, short biographies of all their members, a page to show their photos, and pages to explain to everyone what they do. This brief is going to be exciting because we'll be implementing a variety of different things to get the site complete. Among the technologies are: A bespoke control panel that all members can log in and write diary entries, a Flickr mashup to display their photos, and Flash video.

After our first initial meeting, James and I got right down to business and drew out pretty much everything we needed to do before going into production... and we're meeting the guys again tomorrow to discuss our designs and (hopefully) get them signed off.

So good are we that we've even started our own blog about the process of this brief - sketches, meeting notes, treatments, the lot! It even includes video posts (did I hear you say Wow!)

Check it out at


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