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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Climate Justice

Posted at 11:00 pm.

About a week ago, we finished Phase 1 of a little side-project we at D10 have been working on... a website for a student-led campaign for Contraction and Convergence.

Climate Justice
I was quite involved in it, mainly for hacking away at the Wordpress engine that we used to power it. I also did a lot of the CSS and Javascript programming (thanks JQuery) that's seen on it.

I'm very pleased with the website, which (according to project co-ordinator and host, James) has had over 1GB in traffic since its launch! Pretty good stuff, then.

It's located proudly at Hopefully in the near future, as the campaign gains ground, it will be used by many people to co-ordinate an earth-changing campaign.

I'm quite surprised with how easily it all came together in the end - the real pain came with choosing which forum software to use... I think we made a very wise choice with Vanilla.

The site's got some nice touches:

  • Clicking the sitemap link at the top of any page takes you to the generic sitemap we placed at the bottom of each page, but to highlight where it is, we added a little nifty piece of javascript to highlight it.
  • Besides each blog entry, there's a little image with a plus sign on it, and when you hover your mouse over it, it shows a couple of buttons to share the blog post with social bookmarking websites (unfortunately, IE6 messes it up - what a shocker!)
  • The rounded corners at the top of the page utilizes a JQuery plugin written by Dave Melthin - it doesn't use any images - its all code!

However, the most impressive thing on the website is Tom's game: Emission:Impossible - absolutely superb work. Beautiful... Play it and get on the high score!

Phase 1 was basically getting something up for them to be able to show off at their launch - not everything is implemented, and its far from perfect, but we'll have more time to tweak and complete Phase 2 after we finish our other 2 projects.


Blogger Blair J Anderson (11:28 am):
You guys should be right proud of this effort. Big ups from DownUnder.

Accordingly I would like to offer to extend the climate justice concept 'around the world' - it would give me great pleasure to lift the C&C game here, especially targeting the University/Student sector. I have made significant inroads in introducing and facilitating C&C for the past 8-10 years 'downunder' where it is consistent with NZ's role in the South Pacific Basin and in the North/South tensions (anti-aprthiedt:read 'seperate development' and anti-nuclear: read 'clean development')

I may be able to quickly facilitate this directly into the NZ University setting commencing with a launch during orientation week if consensus on moving this forward can be reached quickly. (I would not be too suprised if you havent had some enquiry already)

A strong student lead advocacy here is consistent with the writers strategy an antipodean initiative to host Aubrey Meyer here at a symposium at Victoria University Institute of Policy Studies (Wellington) in conjunction with Professor Brendan Mackey (ANU)and also on campus at Christchurch's Canterbury University.

I envisage fulfilling a faciliation role pending the establishement of campus based student body to take up the local advocacy.

Please pass on to whom it may concern. (Im looking for some feedback).

I am keen and willing to put some energy into seeing this happen quickly. Who do I need to talk too?

mailto:Blair @

Regards, Blair Anderson

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