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Monday, 19 February 2007

10 handy online resources

Posted at 9:24 pm.

In my time at the D10 office I've found many useful resources that I've used a few times, or haven't yet used. I'm going to list them here (in no particular order), more for my safe-keeping than for any readers, but I hope they'll come in useful for everyone:
  1. Cite Bite
    The web has become an invaluable source of knowledge, with almost unlimited citation sources. Cite Bite makes citing a helluva lot easier. Submit the quote and the web page where it was cited, and you get a link that you can use. When opened, the link takes you to the quote in that page, and highlights it. Simple and brilliant.
  2. Smashing Magazine
    Simply a blog/resource site that I consider to be superb, because it saves me from having to search the web for the best thats out there!
  3. I Love Jack Daniels
    While I'm not a fan of JD, I love this guy's writing. I'm uncertain whether its the Jack Daniels that makes the content as good as it is, but I've learned a lot from it. And there are cheat-sheets galore to make sure that you don't forget the basics of everything.
  4. Browser Shots
    Browser Shots is a website that creates screenshots of any webpage in different browsers. Never had a mac but wondered if your site still looked good on Safari? This is the site for you
  5. Video Jug
    My new favourite teacher. Videos that explain pretty much everything. Its a brilliant concept because its an audio-visual alternative to reading long, hard-to-understand written tutorials.
  6. Bite Size standards
    As it says, bite size standards are a collection of short and concise articles on how you can improve the experience of a website for your visitors.
  7. Screenfluent
    Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration of the highest standard.
  8. Developers' Home: Detecting mobile phones
    Mobile phone development, I'm certain, will soar and become more important within the next few years. But with so many different models and manufacturers, detecting which mobile can do what and deal with whatever technologies is more difficult than with the normal, larger screen browsers. This comprehensive guide gets you to grip with the different ways of detecting the mobile platform that could access your website.
  9. Before and After Magazine
    "How to design cool stuff" - not far wrong there really. Despite being a subscription-based website, they do provide various design articles that are free to download in PDF form.
  10. Uncle Mark's Gift guides
    A nice and unique idea here. Mark Hurst of Good Experience writes an annual guide to the best gadgets around and also includes handy tips for life. A very interesting read if you have some free time.


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