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Friday, 23 February 2007

Another level of RSS for updated pages

Posted at 9:22 am.

With the rise and rise of RSS, I find myself subscribing to more and more feeds. This is great for knowing when people update their blogs, but not for when they update other areas of their website.

I don't visit the websites in my feed list until I see a blog entry that takes my interest and I either need to read more, view images/flash movies that aren't in the RSS entry, or doesn't publish the links. This means that I very rarely visit websites that have good content/articles/work that aren't published in other, non-syndicated areas on the site.

Maybe its me who should make more effort to visit these websites, but after cutting my feed list down from about 500 feeds to 150 of my favorites, I still won't be able to find the time to visit all these websites to check up on their latest developments in non-syndicated areas.

Does anyone know of a way to receive notification of when a website has been updated - preferably through my feed aggregator? Or should websites ensure that every page can be syndicated - providing a simple notification and a link to the updated page?


Blogger Dafydd (11:02 am):
I like to use Watch that page to monitor sites that don't have RSS or other update notifications.

It doesn't have RSS itself but it's free. I'm sure there were commercial services out there when I last looked which offered more features..
Blogger Aled (11:11 am):
Cool, thanks for that, I'll have a look at it.

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